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About Us:

Leading the UAE Jewellery scene since 1992, Ramee Jewellery has been a dynamic force in the industry. Our journey began on the iconic Diyafa Street in Jumeirah, where we quickly garnered a reputation for excellence. Over the years, we've expanded our footprint, establishing a presence in Satwa and opening a branch in Dubai Digital Park in Silicon Oasis.

Ramee Jewellery is celebrated for offering the highest quality gold products, diamonds, and watches. Our collection includes exquisite Italian Jewellery, Belgian diamonds, and Swiss watches, ensuring that we provide only the finest pieces to our discerning customers. Each diamond sold is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, detailing every specific characteristic of the stone.

In addition to our premium retail offerings, we operate an in-house workshop that enables us to produce our own Jewellery at competitive costs. This diverse selection of luxury goods, ranging from internationally sourced items to locally crafted pieces, allows us to cater to a wide range of customers.

We are committed to exceptional service, providing complimentary polishing and maintenance for all our Jewellery. This ensures that customers can keep their pieces in pristine condition, regardless of age. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction fosters long-term relationships and trust with our clients.

Initially, our advertising efforts focused on magazines, newspapers, and radio. However, we have now embraced social media to better connect with our audience. You can find us on Instagram and TikTok, where we actively engage with our community and showcase our latest collections.

Ramee Jewellery also participates in numerous jewellery exhibitions worldwide, including those in Hong Kong, Basel, and several Gulf countries. Our annual presence at these exhibitions, such as those in Vicenza, Arezzo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Geneva, keeps us current with the latest fashions and trends, contributing to our ongoing success.

At Ramee Jewellery, we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service, fostering lasting relationships with our valued customers.

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